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Actor Jayaprakash talks about 2point0 and Mankatha

Shankar's Magnum Opus 2.0, that had Rajinikanth, Amy Jackson and Akshay Kumar as the star cast is being well received by the audience. Akshay Kumar's character was one of the most interesting things in the film. 

Jayaprakash, who has acted in films like Mankatha and Tik Tik Tik, was the person who dubbed for Akshay Kumar in the Tamil version. He spoke to Behindwoods about 2.0 and his previous films.

"Working on Mankatha was a great experience. After a long time I got to meet Ajith sir. I don't visit people without a reason. I don't like troubling them. Occasionally, I drop a text. So meeting him on the sets of Mankatha felt good. 

He was so excited. We spoke about a lot of general things. If there is one particular star whose caravan is packed, it has to be Ajith. There are always people around him. In fact, most of the crew members eat in his caravan.

That film gave me an outstanding reach. Even now Ajith fans ask me to convey their wishes to him. Whether I do it or not, they keep telling me."

Catch the full interview below: