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Aari speaks about his initiative Aarimugam

Aari who was recently seen in Maya and Unnodu Kaa will soon be initiating a platform for assistant directors through his Aarimugam Company with a contest for short films.

We spoke to the man to get more insight about this initiative. “When I came to Chennai to explore the possibilities of a career in films, there was no one to guide me. Only after two years, I realized that I did not know to act. Nobody even told me this. I took the tough route to hone myself. 

In today’s scenario, it is fairly easy for independent filmmakers in the industry, as they have the necessary wherewithal to make a short film. But for people who are working as an AD here, it is a tough struggle at every level from getting a producer to listen to their script to getting the necessary equipments to make their film. Producers also are not aware as to who should they trust to invest. There is a gap here and I want to bridge that gap and that’s when this idea was born.

If I am able to generate ten quality identities, then producers can listen to the stories from them. அறியப்படாத பல முகங்களை இந்த உலகத்துக்கு அறிமுகப்படுத்தும் முயற்சிதான் இந்த அறிமுகம். (Ariyapadatha pala mugangalai indha ulagathukku arimugapathuthum muyrchi Dhaan indha Arimugaam).

I am right now focusing only on Assistant Directors who are holding union card. They are only eligible for the short film contest. The reason why I am focusing on them is that they are the ones who are struggling a lot.

Firstly, there will be a grooming workshop which will be chaired by legends from the industry. All the applicants can attend this workshop. It will be a discussion forum and will be a learning process for all. After this, the contestants will pitch the story. A jury will select the ideas and the selected ones will be given the necessary support to make the short film. We will also help them to take their short film to different markets.    


Aarimugam’s first initiative is to identify 100 talents in all sectors; in this the very first focus would be on assistant directors. We will next deal with other technicians. In this manner, I plan to have a talent pool in every department of film making. So in future, when someone wants an actor or an editor, or a cameraman or a director, I would have everything.

If I am able to deliver ten strong directors to the industry per year, it is a great feat. It is equal to giving ten quality films in a year which would be a boon to the industry".


Excellent initiative Aari!

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Aari speaks about his initiative Aarimugam

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