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A compilation of Samantha's twitter chat session with her

Actress Samantha engaged in a Twitter chat with her fans yesterday evening (1st March). Few interesting tidbits from this chat session are as follows:

1. When can we expect Samantha and Naga Chaitanya to team up for a film?
Ans: “Maybe next year”

2. Your biggest fear?
Ans: “Failure”

3. Is Samantha ticklish?
Ans: “Weirdly.. no”

4. When you feel low?
Ans: “Eat lots of ice cream and chocolate .. like lots”

5. Interested in multistarrer?
Ans: “Yes why not”

6. The word you use often?
Ans: “Baby”

7. Why is Virat Kohli so awesome?
Ans: “Because some people were born to be just that”

8. Sultan or Dangal?
Ans: "Sultan"

9. Same day, 7 years before, did you think you will reach such great heights?
Ans: “No . But I had the ambition”

10. How do you celebrate victories?
Ans: “I celebrate by preparing for bigger victories”

11. One word about Nagarjuna?
Ans: “Perfection”

12. Best part in acting in films?
Ans: “Being in front of the camera .. loving so many lives”

13. Will you continue to act after marriage?
Ans: “Yes”

14. Christopher Nolan or Steven Spielberg?
Ans: “So difficult . Nolan”

15. Ever faced language problems?
Ans: “I died when I was shooting for YMC.. didnt know one word of Telugu .. had to remember so many lines”

16. You are basically short but that cute stature adds flavour to your figure
Ans: “What I lack with height I make up in personality”

*Samantha's tweets are not spell-checked

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A compilation of Samantha's twitter chat session with her

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