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19 year old girl in Pune asked for sexual favors by a director to be cast in his film

This past week has been a dreadful one for a 19-year-old girl from Jejuri, a city in the Pune district. The young woman had heard of a film's audition happening in Pune city, and rushed to attend the test, only to realize that it had been postponed to a later date. She decided to stay back and attend the audition on the specified date. When she attended it, she was shocked! Why? Read further to know.

Reportedly, when the excited teenager faced the director for the first time, little did she know that the first thing that would be asked would be a sexual relationship with the promise of being cast in his film. Shell-shocked, she returned to her hometown with a heavy heart. But she gathered some courage and went back to the city to file a complaint against  Appa Pawar, the director. Now, a case has been filed against him, and the police are on the lookout for the director.

The police have stated that the tracing process is taking a while as they only have his name and no other information about him. The existence of the casting couch is truly a disgrace to the industry.