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Why is Kamal Haasan sporting a monopoly mustache ?

Over 55 years in the film industry, and yet this man doesn’t get stale or drained; he just keeps on pushing the bar to a league that debatably very few can match. Yes, we are talking about the youngest 60 year old man around, Kamal Haasan.

With 2 releases, Papanasam and Uttama Villain already to his credit this year, and Thoongavanam in the pipeline, Kamal Haasan is standing tall as an example to other contemporary actors. It is not just about completing 3 films in no time, but also the quality that he brings to play, which is very admirable.

What is Kamal Haasan up to after Thoongavanam is the million dollar question? There are rumors which say he might team up with Mouli and Crazy Mohan for a comedy film. A couple of months back, there were reports which said that Kamal would be doing a bilingual called Thalaivan Irukiraan alongside Saif Ali Khan. Will he be doing either of these projects next or something which we don’t expect or is he planning to trigger back Marudhanayagam?

Some of his most recent photos show Kamal sporting a rustic 'monopoly' mustache. Is he sporting this majestic one for his next movie or is it for an upcoming ad shoot that he is committed for?

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Why is Kamal Haasan sporting a monopoly mustache ?

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