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What can Akshay Kumar offer to Endhiran 2?
The presence of Akshay Kumar in Shankar's 2.0 has been a major talking point since yesterday when the news broke out first. Fans in the South have a mixed feeling about Akki's presence whereas the Bollywood star's massive north-Indian following is very excited about what he can offer to this Shankar film. The hashtag #AkshayinRobot2 is trending on top for quite some time.
For starters in the South, we present to you what Akshay does best and what his strong points are.
- Akshay Kumar has a particularly strong fan following in North India, in markets such as Delhi and Punjab, and also in UP and Bihar. 2.0 is expected to benefit in a big way in these mass belts. Though Enthiran was a massive grosser in its Tamil and Telugu versions, its Hindi dubbed version Robot wasn't a big hit. 2.0 has the muscle to set that right.
- Akshay has his share of 100 crore net hits in India, such as Rowdy Rathore and Holiday, and some of his recent films like Baby, Gabbar is Back and Brother also did decent business. He comes next to the 3 Khans and Hrithik Roshan, and is definitely a superstar in his own right. His overseas presence is also formidable and adding on to Superstar Rajini's own massive base, 2.0 has the potential to turn out as the biggest Indian grosser ever.
- Akshay's prowess at stunts is well-known and he is a trained martial arts exponent. 2.0 can exploit this aspect to the fullest. His comedic timing is also celebrated widely and this is another important aspect of any grand commercial film. His acting skills are under-rated but he is no mug in this department either. So in whichever slot Akshay finds himself in (the villain or the do-gooder), he can shine and deliver the goods to director Shankar.
Let the games begin !! 

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What can Akshay Kumar offer to Endhiran 2?

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