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Trivia on leading actors like Ajith and Vijay's 25th films.

No matter how big a star gets, milestone films like their 25th, 50th and 100th will always be special to them. Days when actors used to act in 10 to 15 films per year, are long-lost now. Tamil film industry is so very competitive today where mere survival is tough and to be successful for over a period of time takes special skill and courage. This makes such milestone films even more special.

Arya now enters that magical '25 films' club with VSOP which is all set to enthrall the audience from the 14th August. Here we look at the 25th films of other current generation heroes of Kollywood.

While actors like Suriya, Dhanush and Ajith enjoyed a rousing success with their respective 25th films like Singam, Velaiyilla Pattathari and Amarkalam, other actors' 25th films couldn’t quite strike the right chord with the audience. Nevertheless all their 25th films sure did leave some impact. Below is the list of the 25th films of our current-gen heroes:

Ajith - Amarkalam (1999)

Vijay  - Kannukkul Nilavu (2000)

Suriya - Singam (2010)

Vikram - Ravanan {25th Tamil film} (2010)

Dhanush  - Velaiyilla Pattathari (2014)

Siddharth - Enakkul Oruvan (2015).


Trivia on leading actors like Ajith and Vijay's 25th films.

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