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Suriya's extensive speech at the 36 Vayadhinile success meet
A media thanksgiving meet was organized yesterday (May 27) at the Residency Towers, Chennai for the grand success of 36 Vayadhinile produced by Suriya and starring Jyothika. Suriya took the lead and gave an extensive speech to mark the occasion.
"I offer special thanks to the media for the red carpet welcome to the film. It is an important moment for us. The journey has been nice and fast, since the time Rosshan told us the story.
There were many challenges and questions. But since there was a dearth of female oriented films in Tamil, we went ahead confidently. With a banner named after the kids, 2D, we decided that let the first one be Amma's film.
Jo used to memorize the dialogues like a Plus 2 girl at night for about an hour. Even now she will remember her dialogues. Despite such a long gap, Jo had that glow and an amazing screen presence. I could feel it and seeing with the audience, the experience was even better. 
Rosshan wrapped the film within 46 days as he used to shoot 4 scenes every day. I thank him and Sanjay for the wonderful content and also the crew of the Malayalam original and the Malayalee audiences for accepting the original. That success paved the way for the remake.
We are getting reports that a lot of females are visiting theaters after a long time. Many mothers, daughters, wives among the crowd. Malli Poo vaasam in theaters (laughs). We are also getting a lot of extensive messages and emails that the film has been a life-changing experience. 2D is blessed and we cant think of a scenario without this film. Even men have liked it and admitted that the film has boosted their confidence.
Thanks to my team and a lot of senior actors who acted just for Jo's sake, to bless her."
At the event, 25 handpicked, deserving women were given financial aid by 2D Entertainment, Agaram Foundation and Sakthi Masala, to fulfill their dreams and ambitions. All these women were called one by one on stage and personally received their aid from Suriya and Jyothika. A nice gesture indeed !!


Suriya's extensive speech at the 36 Vayadhinile success meet

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