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Kaaki Sattai - Trailer Review !

Kaaki Sattai is all set to introduce us a new Sivakarthikeyan !

Jan 11, 2015
Kaaki Sattai is all set to introduce us a new Sivakarthikeyan - his action avatar. All the roles he has played so far had him in his home territory of comedy. While, Maan Karate was a step outside his comfort zone, Kaaki Sattai, from the trailer, looks leaps away from it.
The trailer is sleekly cut, by Vivek Harshan, to bring forth the complete entertainer the movie is. We have glimpses of dance moments, song sequences, and timing comedies. But, the biggest revelation is the action sequences - this, sure, might be the next step for Sivakarthikeyan!
The movie seems to be about organ trafficking, and how a cop from Chennai - Mathimaran (Sivakarthikeyan), with his Mathimaran instinct (like the Raghavan Instinct of Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu) - stops it. The dialogue - 'when authority doesn't work, even certain good deeds have to be done in a bad way' - captures the essence of the movie. With Anirudh's pulsating track, director Durai Senthilkumar has succeeded in getting our attention. For more, we have to wait for the movie's release.
The trailer of Kaaki Sattai, in Thala's style, 'is just the beginning'.




Kaaki Sattai - Trailer Review !

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