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Gautham Menon speaks about Ilayathalapathy Vijay's shelved Yohan project

Director Gautham Menon is a synonym to the adjectives stylish, powerful and uber-citified. He is also known to be very frank and forthright in his views. In a new interview for a Telugu movie portal, he opened up a lot about unknown and deep factors of his 15-years career in the film industry.

When he was inquired about the shelved Yohan project with Vijay, this is what he had to say,

“It was planned as a James Bond-like spy film. The lead hero was a third generation NRI in the USA who joins the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The heroines were foreign girls. I wanted to place him in a topography that we had never seen him before in. That was the ultimate idea.

When he was further asked about his after-thoughts when Vijay turned down the project, this is what he stated,

“I am ok with it! I understand Vijay does not know me much as a person or as a technician as we have not interacted much. I also understand that he hasn’t watched many of my films and wouldn’t have an idea about my treatment to a script like that!”

The question now is, will Vijay make up his mind to resume this project with Gautham? Won’t that be the next level project for an actor like Vijay who has already rolled his sleeves up for a fantasy flick like Puli?

Time shall answer these abstract posers!


Gautham Menon speaks about Ilayathalapathy Vijay's shelved Yohan project

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