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Director Manigandan of '144' talks about his film

'144' directed by newcomer Manigandan hits the screens this week, on the 27th November. The film features Mirchi Shiva, Ashok Selvan, Oviya, Sruthi Ramakrishnan and others.


144 is a section in the Criminal Procedure Code that prohibits the meeting or assembly of more than ten people in an area. We ask the debut director about the connection with his film and he replies:-


“In my film, there are two villages which are ridden by an issue associated with water, for more than 50 years. They are so accustomed to being snapped a 144, every year and consider that as an award. However, I am not going to be talking about this issue in my film. And it is also not a completely village based flick.


I have just taken a problem and have created a few characters in my story. Each character in the film has an aim and individuality. There are different unrelated people in the film, but one reason will unite them, which further leads to a pursuit. Shiva plays a petty local thief in the film with an aim in his life. Ashok Selvan is an illegal car racer. In addition to these characters, section 144 plays a pivotal role along with the village. I have linked all these aspects together with a touch of nativity. Audiences would not get bored anywhere in the film”.


Director Manigandan of '144' talks about his film

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