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Comparison of few elements between Vijay's Puli trailer and Baahubali movie

The spectacular trailer of Puli opened to a wide audience at midnight of 20th August. By audience we are not just referring to Vijay’s fans but also other healthy movie enthusiasts.

Rain of appreciation for the massive effort of the cast and crew which prominently displays itself in the trailer is certain. At the same time comparison of Puli’s trailer with Baahubali also seems unavoidable as the presence of common points are quite inevitable. By comparision we do not mean Puli and Baahubali is just rhyming but a lot more other similar factors!

In a land ruled by darkness

Bhallala Deva/ Paalvalthevan donned by Rana is portrayed as a cruel ruler who fails to receive the goodwills of his subjects. We see a similar scenario in Puli with Sudeep and Sridevi’s regal parts.

There is only one ray of hope

Shivudu/Shivu is that ray of hope that comes as the resort to all the problems that the subjects of Magizhmathi/Mahishmathi were facing. Quite similarly we see a very power-packed entry of Ilayathalapathy Vijay as the epitome of salvation to all the people in Puli.

Shruti Haasan Vs Tamannaah

Both the mighty men, Vijay and Prabhas (Shivudu/Shivu) seem to fall in love with a girl out of the royal family.

Rich flashback to the father character

How many of you were excited seeing  the short glimpse of Vijay with a long hair making a majestic entry with a black horse? Are we going to see a strong flashback to this character like the one in Baahubali?

The element of surprise

A fast rewind of the Puli trailer will make you realise that you did not get to see Nanditha in even one frame. Is she going to appear in an avatar as surprising and energy coated like that of Anushka?

To revisit all these points you must watch the trailer again - http://behindwoods.com/tamil-movies/puli/puli-trailer-2.html

The grandness and appreciation to the trailer as refered above can be read in this trailer review article - http://behindwoods.com/tamil-movies-cinema-news-15/puli-movie-trailer-review.html

Happy guessing!


Comparison of few elements between Vijay's Puli trailer and Baahubali movie

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