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Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy had its master class with actor Arya on 3rd July.
As Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy (BOFTA) kick started with its classes on July 1st, they had the handsome Arya for a master class last Friday, the 3rd of July. Arya is always perceived to be a person who doesn’t seem to deliver speeches or serious lectures, but on the contrary, this session brought the other side of the actor who aimed at motivating every student who sat down to listen to what he had to say. This session stood as the best example to illustrate how unique BOFTA is in its approach.  
The session was carried out as a casual conversation between G Dhananjayan, Founder director of BOFTA and Arya. The conversation encapsulated how Arya evolved as an actor for ten years now, starting from Ullam Ketkume to Yatchan and VSOP. 
The following are few highlight quotes of Arya from his interesting session with the aspiring filmmakers…
“Success is not ultimate for me. In this 10 years, few films worked great for me … few dint.. but what matters is putting in your 100% effort.. which I am proud off”
“A film is a perishable property according to me; it loses its value if it is not released at the right time. Similarly, Ullam Ketkume had serious issues with too many creditors involved in the project. Legal order enabled the release of the film and I was instrumental for its release as this project was my career decider unlike other artists in the film.”
“I am very experimental with the characters I play. I do not want to be typecasted and be zoned into a particular style. That is the reason for all the versatile characters I have played” 
 “A movie never fails because of its script or idea. The budget only fails. The best example being Irandam Ulagam. The perfect balance of budget and idea is necessary“
“Films like Madharasapattinam and Raja Rani happen purely because how precisely it was written on paper. Writing plays a vital role in delivering a quality product like these films”
“The irony in the industry is, when you overact people call it acting and on the other hand when you play subtle in your performance, we will have lesser people to appreciate.So, to make this an easier task, just understand the vision of the director and perform at an ideal meter as demanded by the scene."
The discussion was declared open to the floor and the students shot Arya with various questions. He was more than happy to answer them and gave valid reply to every query that came across. 
The salient feature of this session was that he gave out advices which were derived from his own professional life experiences, to students of all departments. 
Students at BOFTA seem to be truly enjoying this enthralling experience and we can expect to see more such enlightening sessions.
Click here to watch the complete video of this session -
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Blue Ocean Film and Television Academy had its master class with actor Arya on 3rd July.

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