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Big budget films only on 10 important days ...

Big budget films only on 10 important days

Mar 09, 2015

At a recent general body meeting of the Tamil Film Producers Council, it has apparently been decided that all big budget films (>15 crores) would henceforth be allowed to release only on 10 important days (festival days / national holidays / state holidays).


A section of the industry feels that with this rule, big budget films are at a disadvantage as they would be clashing with one another on these allocated release days and eating into each other's business. Dhananjayan Govind is one such producer who feels that this rule is detrimental to big films.

At the meeting it was also decided that certain irregularities with regard to the distribution and release of films through Qube and UFO would be sorted out soon, amicably.


Big budget films only on 10 important days ...

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