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Will Thala Ajith revive his fan clubs?

Will Ajith's fan clubs be revived? - The Insider's word

Mar 13, 2014
When it comes to having a devoted and loyal fan following, Thala Ajith definitely counts as among the select few actors with such a magnetic pull among the masses. A measure of any mass hero's popularity is the number of fan clubs under his name and Ajith was right up there in this metric too, until he decided to do away with them.
Fan clubs started cropping up under his name all over the state around the mid-90s and through the years, tens of thousands of fan clubs were registered in Ajith's name. Movies like Amarkalam, Vaali, Dheena, Citizen, Red, Villain and later Attagasam, Varalaru and Billa played their own little roles in increasing Ajith's fan base all over the state. Any Ajith release was celebrated with much fervor by his fans and numerous hoardings, posters, banners and cutouts used to be put up at all release theaters to celebrate the release like a festival.
This being the case, Ajith suddenly decided to do away with his fan clubs on the eve of his 50th release, Mankatha, due to various factors. The trade and public were taken aback but also elated that a star of such magnitude decided to take such a bold step. Ajith openly advised his fans to not waste their time by indulging in such hero-worship and instead spend more time with their family in taking care of their parents.
Despite the absence of an officially recognized fan club, Ajith fans continued to celebrate every Ajith release with the same fervor and grandeur. All the releases after Mankatha like Billa 2, Arrambam and Veeram saw extraordinary celebrations from Ajith fans and a few went on record and said that they would put up such banners and cutouts as long as they live, as such is the love that they have on their beloved Thala. 
Over the past week or so, the media has been abuzz with news that Ajith is contemplating on restarting his fan clubs after observing the unconditional love that fans were showering on him all along, despite the absence of recognized fan clubs. We decided to investigate on what really was going on and contacted Ajith's long-term trusted associate. This is what he had to say
"Ajith Sir generally comes to a conclusion and a final decision only after putting a lot of thought and time into it. He doesn't believe in taking hasty decisions. But once he arrives at a final decision, he won't change his mind come what may. The same applies to his decision on fan clubs too and there is absolutely no possibility of Ajith Sir even contemplating about restarting his fan clubs. His decision is final and all these talks about resurrecting fan clubs have been spawn by dubious people with other intentions. There is no truth at all in all these talks and reports"
So, the insider's word is clear that there is going to be no rethink from Ajith's side on the topic of restarting fan clubs. We have also come to know that the official announcement on Ajith's film with Gautham Menon is on its way. We can expect a concrete word on the title, final cast and crew surely by next week.


Will Thala Ajith revive his fan clubs?

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