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Polladhavan goes to Hindi

Vetri Maaran’s Polladhavan gets a different color

Nov 14, 2014

Polladhavan, directed by Vetri Maaran earned good reviews and the combo of the director with hero Dhanush set the ball rolling for a fruitful Aadukalam that fetched several National Awards for the film and made the Tamil film industry also very proud.


Polladhavan is being remade in Hindi as Guns of Benares and is directed by Shekhar Suri. And the role done by the menacing Daniel Balaji is being reprised by Ganesh Venkataraman.


Talking about his role to behindwoods, Ganesh says, “I am very excited about this film. Although I can speak Hindi fluently, the Benarasi accent was a little tough and I had a coach who helped me in this to get the flavor of the land”.


He also informs that the audience would get to see a different Ganesh in the film with a tattoo, tanned skin and snorting cocaine everywhere. It sure would be a different experience for the viewers to see a different avatar of Ganesh.


Polladhavan goes to Hindi

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