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Lingaa - A newer version is out! ...

Lingaa - A newer version is out!

Dec 16, 2014

Just to come up with a view-point about Lingaa, the duration of the film was considered to be a spot of bother. The immediate audience response was about the length of the film and that certain portions could be avoided to have a better wholesome impact.

The direction team have eventually come to a decision of putting some scissors on the film. It is reported that Lingaa's first half will have 6 long minutes removed, and the second half is to be 3 minutes shorter, compared to the initially released version of the movie.
This culture of post-release edits based on initial audience response, is almost becoming a trend in trade circles. The makers of Lingaa are removing certain elements to make the revised cut more racier than the original. 
Good news people? Let's go watch it another time?



Lingaa - A newer version is out! ...

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