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Bye Bye Thala55 - Welcome Yennai Arindhaal!!

Bye Bye Thala55 - Welcome Yennai Arindhaal!

Oct 30, 2014
It is official and the wait is over finally for all Thala fans. Yes, we have the title of Thala 55 as Yennai Arindhaal!!. The much awaited title was released last night bang on at 12:00. A trusted birdie from the team tweeted the news officially..
The tweet said 
"The most expected title is here to stay big @YennaiArindhaal"
The excitement went on all night among fans tweeting and facebooking about the title. What is more exciting is that many celebrities also tweeted and wished the team a good spirited luck! Few tweets of celebrities - 
Dhanush - "Ennai Arindhal... Apt title for ajith sir :) powerful mass and class!! Gautham menon never ceases to amaze me with his titles Best wishes"
Premgi - "THALA _ I am waiting with all your fans"
Jai - "MASS at its PEAK - #Thala therriiii MASS <3"
Anushka - "Yennai Arindhaal "
Anirudh -"Yennai Arindhaal - Very nice title for Thala 55.. Congrats and hoping for the best for @menongautham."
With the title making a grand entry into the industry through social networking sites, everyone now is awaiting the first look poster of Yennai Arindhaal. Looks like we will have another eventful day from the team of Thala-Gautham!


Bye Bye Thala55 - Welcome Yennai Arindhaal!!

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