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Arya on his marriage

Arya admits that his marriage is a question mark

Feb 27, 2014

Debonair Arya enjoys a lover boy image and is quite enviable as he is said to be a friend of all popular heroines. 2013 was a good year for the actor who had four releases and 2014 is nonetheless going to be any lesser for this cheerful lad who is busy with S P Jhananathan’s Purampokku and Magizh Thirumeni’s Meagaamann.


On the personal front, the actor has always been riddled with questions about his marriage. He says that his marriage continues to remain a question mark as he is yet to meet his dream girl. When it happens he is not the one to duck but would reveal to the world.


About his ‘jolly’ image, he is of the opinion that an actor need not be stern to indicate that he means business. He knows perfectly well the dividing lines and says it can be checked with any of his producer or director.


Arya on his marriage

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