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Vijay Antony is spending sleepless nights

Vijay Antony at the roads at nights

Oct 07, 2013

Music Director Vijay Antony proved his talent in front of the camera too in his maiden film Naan directed by Jeeva Shankar. Encouraged by the feedback and response from the audience, Vijay Antony has started work in his next film Salim being directed by Nirmal Kumar. Vijay Antony will be scoring music for Salim in addition to his lead role in the film.

As per the crew members of Salim, Vijay Antony is really working hard, shooting and composing music and it is almost 40 days since he slept peacefully. It is also said that the music director cum actor is spending few nights at the road side when the movie’s caravan was not allowed to be parked outside.  Salim is the production venture of Studio 9 Production, Sri green productions and Vijay Antony Film Corporation.


Vijay Antony is spending sleepless nights

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