Vathikuchi - Movie Review

Vathikuchi - Movie Review

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The second movie from A.R.Murugadoss's Production house is out on screens . The first movie Engeyum Eppothum was much appreciated  for being a sensational one delivering a strong social message. The trailer of Vathikuchi was promising to be a crime-thriller. Did it keep up its promise and its Production house's fame ?


Assistant of A.R.M - Kinslin and A.R.M's brother Dhileban make their debut as director and actor respectively. The director should be appreciated for his guts in revealing the story plot in the first few scenes that too in  a crime-thriller subject. The director's greatest strength seems to be  screenplay writing without which he wouldn’t have got the courage to reveal the story plot in the very beginning scenes but still engaging the audience till end.


Dhileban suites well into the character and does well , though not excellent but a convincing performance on his first movie. Anjali does well on the comedy part . The Spoken language class sequences are enjoyable, the director could have added few more scenes around it. The romance between the lead pairs is good in first half and in the later part it is mere a speed breaker which could have been avoided or trimmed .


Saranya as Dhilepan's mother doesn’t  have much scope , but does her role to perfection as usual.  Jayaprakash is one among the few all rounder we have in Tamil Industry who does all the roles excellently. Sampath is worth the mention in the movie, the way he reveals his enmity in the bar is enjoyable. Jagan has got an unusual role in the movie and has done it well, hope it helps him in his career. The stunt scenes sustain the heat of the movie, but actions in air could have been avoided. Music by Ghibran shines in background scoring .

Verdict :

"go for it".

Lakshmi Kanthan

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