Vathikuchi - Average

Vathikuchi - Average

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3 different groups are planning to kill the hero- Dileepan. What is the intent for their vengenence? How does Dileepan handle them? Answer to the above 2 questions forms the crux of the storyline.

Thumps Up

1) Though the storyline is "run of the mill" category, the screenplay allows us to realize it only during later part of the movie. Racy screenplay by debutant director Kinslin is biggest strength of the movie.

2) First half of the movie is reasonably engaging with enough twists and English class scenes with Anjali are really funny.

3) Supporting actors supports the movie to good extent with their professional performance which includes Sampath, Saranya, Jagan and Jayprakash.


Thumps down

1) Second half of the movie is letdown, especially the climax

2) The movie is having enough loopholes making the audience feel uncomfortable over a period of time. The crimes are happening very casually in the city and the necessity for Jagan to kill the Dileepan is not at all convincing.


Lead actors

1) Dileepan is okay for the action scenes, but he maintains the same expression throughout the movie.

2) Anjali is good. But resemblance of her characterization to "Engeyum eppothum" should have been avoided.


Final Verdict

Average.  Watchable once “only “if you enter the theatre with zero expectations.

Rating - 4/10.

Ram Kumar

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