Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Visitor Review

Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam Visitor Review

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Shivakarthikeyan, known for his stand-up comedies in small screen, who later had a good time as an anchor, even as a reality show dancer may be just 5 films old, but the crowd he pulls to theaters is equal to any leading actor. You don't need a strong script for him to make a mark which is evident in his earlier films and this is no different. You can spend your time happily with this story even it is a very simple and repeated one.
Film opens with a silly fight, leading to a police investigation about Sathyaraj’s (Sivanandi) rumored killing of his own daughter and her lover. Flashback follows, leading us to our Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam’s Thalaivar Shivakarthiketan (Bose Pandian) and seyalalar Soori (Kodi).
Bindu Madhavi makes a guest appearance as school teacher for Sri Divya (Lathapandi) and our thalaivar only tries for the teacher initially. When Sathyaraj realizes that his 3rd daughter may fall in love (after his cow runs away with its pair!) he arranges for a rushed wedding as his image is under threat. Our Thalaivar Shiva stops her minor wedding as a social welfare. Sri Divya who doesn't want to marry during school days is impressed with Shivakarthikeyan when she gets to know it. Shiva too falls for her and they make a beautiful pair. Love scenes show the pairing well though nothing is new.
In later part Sathyaraj arranges for Sri Divya’s wedding again for which she nods after knowing about Shiva and later Rajesh style extended climax follows. Almost all the scenes and reasons which lead to conflicts were silly. I wonder is it possible to register a group as 'Varuthapadatha Valibar Sangam' with government as shown!
Soori gives us some funny moments with Shiva and the combo satisfies all. Director Rajesh’s dialogues work well and was very useful for the narration. Balasubramaniem’s camera gives what is needed and simply good. Background score and songs make good appeal both to music lovers and normal viewers. Yugabharathi needs no introduction and his lyrics were delightful.
Sathyaraj is almost becoming a regular cast nowadays and he excels again. Sri Divya has the potential. Screenplay seems a bit long and some planned editing (Vivek Harshan) might have made this shorter but director Ponram wins in his maiden outing with the help of handsome contributions from Imaan, Rajesh and not to mention Shivakarthikeyan who impresses with this performance and he can deliver some other varieties too if offered. Don’t forget to credit Vadivelu for the title. 
Comedy lovers will find this film more entertaining than it actually is and worth a watch for common audience.
Marks: 6/10
Pradeep Kalamegam

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