Vallinam Movie Review by Common Man

Vallinam Movie Review by Common Man

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Vallinam – Movie has created some expectation as it is from the Director who gave us the most engaging thriller in Tamil Cinema – Eeram. This movie was completed in early 2013, but got delayed due to various reasons. Sports Drama is a very rare genre in Tamil Cinema. Vennila Kabadi Kuzhi is one of the Sports movies which ran successfully. Lee’ was definitely a good movie, but couldn’t succeed at the Box Office. Let us whether Director Arivazhagan manages to give an engaging Sports Drama Movie in this Common Man Review.


Story: Cricket vs Other Sports, especially Basketball. Definitely, Director has to be hugely appreciated for taking a movie with wonderful concept – “Don’t give importance to only CRICKET, but also other Sports”. He has tried to give a commercial movie along with this message.


Nakul – He usually acts well, but sometime overacts and his voice doesn’t fit few scenes. But, in this movie, he has made a great comeback as he has almost lived the character. He plays the role of Basketball player and completely fits the role. He has improved a lot on his voice modulation too and has given a wonderful performance.


Mrudhula – She makes her debut in Tamil Cinema through this movie. Romantic scenes in this movie look artificial. She has acted well, but doesn’t have much scope to perform in this movie.


Jagan – He does the role of Santhanam in this movie. His one-liners were good in most of the scenes.


Kazhugu Krishna & Aadhi have done cameo in the first scene of the movie. It has come out really well and creates huge expectation for rest of the movie.


Jayaprakash and other supporting actors have done a wonderful job.


Music - Thaman’s BGM was extraordinary and songs were good too. But, Duet songs in this movie hamper the pace of the movie.


Cinematography – Bhaskaran’s cinematography is second hero for this movie. Basketball scenes have been really captured well.


Editing – Sabu Joseph editing was excellent in lots of scenes. But, he could have trimmed few more scenes in the movie (romantic scenes & songs), which doesn’t impact the flow of the movie. Movie runs for almost 150 minutes. Though the movie has an excellent plot, the story becomes predictable and doesn’t engage the audience as there is not much twists in the screenplay in the second half.


Director Arivazhagan – He almost waited for more than one year after taking a movie with wonderful plot. He is definitely one of the talented directors in Tamil Cinema. Few dialogues in the movie were very bold. He has tried to give a message oriented movie with few commercial scenes, which has not worked much. Due to romantic scenes & villain scenes with over hype, it looks little stereotype.  But, he has made sure that a wonderful message is conveyed with mostly engaging scenes.


Overall, Vallinam is one of the best SPORTS Movies in Tamil Cinema with mostly engaging scenes & predictable screenplay.


Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.75 / 5


Rating of this movie for Sports Lovers, Message Oriented Movie Lovers – 3 / 5

Sathish Kumar

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