Uttama Villain - Chinna Katha but Betha Making

Uttama Villain - Chinna Katha but Betha Making

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This was supposed to be the style of Kamal throughout his career right? He toils heavily to make an experimental movie for years and then comes with a light hearted one to relax himself?! But this time after his stupendous Vishwaroopam, he comes out as humongous Uttama Villain and Yes; he breaks his own style of ease himself.


Uttama Villain is all about a renowned actor who wants to set things right in both his real and reel life before his tumor gets hold of him. As you can see the story looks simple and plain but then Kamal drops the Meta-cinema approach within and ….BOOM. The Screenplay and the Editing complements each other effectively because the transition between the scenes from Meta to real and vice versa is stunning, the connecting points between them is completely captivating.


Uttama Villain comes with the package of great actors and their stellar performances. Kamal as Uttaman and Manoranjan conquers the screen most of the time. It takes few minutes to fall in love with Manoranjan but in the other hand Uttaman is alluring and will grab the viewer’s attention from the first shot itself. Even though the movie is filled with lots of heroines, the chemistry between Kamal and his mentor KB keeps the movie steady, they both seize the emotional scenes really well. Actors like Urvasi, Naseer, Andrea, Parvathi, Jayaram did their part well. MS Bhaskar was a brilliant actor there is no doubt in that. Pooja Kumar got a meaty role in the meta part.


Some of the best scenes include the conversations between Kamal with his son or Urvashi or Andrea were all remarkably backed up nicely by sensible dialogues, especially those letters were too lovely. Ghibran’s hit numbers are all nicely shot and his BGM contributed perfectly to the movie flow. Technically UV is well made; the viewpoints, camera movements and the editing all these things are in fine form. The long shot connects the Villu pattu straight to Uthaman’s intro without any cuts were a pure bliss, you will find plenty of these all over the movie.


The story part starts right from the beginning but you need to give some time to get yourself in to it. Kamal is a powerhouse when it comes to performance.


The best thing about the movie is the way Kamal handles the Meta-Cinema concept, we have seen few movie in the recent past with this concept and none of them were this much comprehensible in the making. Luckily Kamal didn’t try live recording or else it could have been tough to identify some of the dialogues.


Uttama Villain is a World-Class Work Within a Simple Story.



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