Time for the storm!!!

Time for the storm!!!

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When do you think the people of TN got bludgeoned due to unfair politics? Almost every minute’ could be a convincing response… sorry I cannot take that!!  Can it be when the prices of very basic commodities got hiked to unforeseen prices?

It is when Tamil cinema got it’s most versatile actor/comedian Vadivelu out of the business. The lines coating the heavy blow may seem humorous but not the blow per se.  Isn’t the loss biggest enough to call it a severe one posed by politics?

I was in a bus-travel that night when I watched a 6yr old kid bursting in laughter watching the comedy of the man himself, in one of cult movie by Director Hari, uttering the dialogue ‘imbutoondu kakka aai irunthathukaga,ivvalavu akkapora’ (this is really too much for little bit of Crow-shit) in his very own slang and the entire mob could not control their laughter amidst it was twenty past twelve in the midnight.

TN has witnessed lot of storms and natural calamities causing adverse loss to the lives and properties of the people. But this ‘Storm from the Vaigai river’ has put many long smiles on many of our faces be it a poverty-driven-hungry poor ones to schedule-driven-hungry ones to ‘poor’ money-hungry people. We are poor by one way or the other but he has always made us forget that adjective by his slapstick puns.

How can one forget the jaw breaking comedies of Pulikesi, kai pulla, encounter ekambaram, soona paana to name a few. We can hardly remember his movie names but the roles. That’s the kind of standard that he has set for himself. He was behind the success of many films which featured first-timers as heroes in the times where even superheroes where hardly fetching money for their producers. His absence have created a vacuum which some of them are trying very hard to fill but failing repeatedly.

The news that you are going to enlighten us once again has quenched the thirst to some extent and at the same time has added some spinach to our excitement.

Thalaivaaa.. Waiting for your comeback…!!!

 Sir, Your Wikipedia page can end with the ‘2011 state elections’ but not your career.


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