Settai Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

Settai Tamil Movie Review by Common Man

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In 2001, movie named Settai got released in which Pandiarajan acted as Hero. Hence, there was little controversy over the title. UTV Motion Pictures have produced this movie. UTV’s last 2 Tamil movies – Mugamoodi & Thandavam didn’t do well at the Box Office. They have remade the movie “Delhi Belly” which was a Hindi Adult Comedy Movie with “A” Certificate. Surprisingly, Settai Movie was certified with “U” Certificate and it is promoted as a Family Entertainer. Nowadays, even average Comedy Movies are hitting big in Tamil Cinema. Let us see whether this movie in which Santhanam had written Comedy dialogues manages to continue the trend in this review

Story: Arya, Santhanam & Premji are roommates. It is cat & mouse game between Nassar and these 3 people with lots of Toilet Comedy.

Arya had done the role of Imran in Tamil Version and to be frank, it doesn’t suit him. Director had even copied the costume and makeup of the original version for the leading heroes and it really looks awkward. Arya’s major job in the movie is to hug Hansika and kiss Anjali whenever he meets them. Settai team promoted the movie by stating that there are lip lock scenes in the movie. People who go to the theatre to watch the kissing scene will be disappointed as it is pure camera trick.

Santhanam is saviour for yet another movie. As usual, his one-liners are the highlights of this movie. But, he speaks about Ajith in 2 scenes which seem to be forced to get support of Ajith fans. He also speaks lots of double meaning dialogues in his recent movies which may help him to get more youth audience, but at the same time, it may be not welcomed by few sections of people.

Premji characterization in this movie looks better than his earlier movies. His Song “Nee thanae Osthi Ponnu” was picturized superbly.

Hansika Motwani & Anjali do not have much opportunity to perform and had been used to fill the songs as glamour dolls.

Music had been scored by S.Thaman. Already “Agalathae Agalathae” Song was telecasted in TV which is a brilliant move by UTV Team to promote the movie. Even Settai Team interviews were telecasted in most of the TV’s last week itself which is new to Tamil Cinema. Though all the songs in the movie were good, not even one song was needed for the movie. Movie Runs for just 2 hours and there are 5 songs (around 25 minutes) which really tests the patience of the audience. Even if all the 5 songs are removed from the movie, it will not make any impact.

R.Kannan first movie “Jayam Kondan” was one of his best movies in his career. Then, he successfully remade the movie “Jab We Met” in Tamil as “Kanden Kadhalai” which ran to some extent. But, his last movie “Vanthaan Vendraan” was a disaster. Settai is yet another remake of a Hindi Movie in which he had failed to great extent. 

Remaking a Movie is not a CAKE WALK. After watching the movie, respect for REMAKE RAJA may increase to some extent. There was absolutely no story in Delhi Belly, but it had wonderful screenplay, thereby engaging the audience with ADULT & TOILET COMEDY. But, in Tamil Version, Kannan wanted to give it as a family entertainer without Adult Comedy. Hence, it is really surprising to know why they remade this movie in Tamil which doesn’t have story at all.

Wrong Actors had been chosen for a Remake movie which doesn't deserve to be remade in Tamil. Santhanam one liners make it watchable. It is definitely not a family entertainer. Censor Board gave 9la Guru – A Certificate which doesn’t have adult comedy and have given Settai – U Certificate which has lots of obscene dialogues, toilet comedy, etc. Few people may even vomit if they watch the movie while having snacks. Songs are forced in the movie and irritates the audience

Rating of this Movie Review by Common Man - 2 / 5 (1.5 for Santhanam)

Sathish Kumar

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