Saduranka Vettai - Visitor Review

Saduranka Vettai - Visitor Review

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Sathuranga Vettai - "If Money Can get anything then we can do anything to get that Money”. This is the Philosophy of the hero Natraj. And the movie showcases how perfect he is in alluring and cheating people and how they get conned and its end results...


Kudos to the debutant Director Vinoth for a fairly tight and engaging screenplay based on real life incidents. Right from the desire of a man who blindly buys a snake believing it as a rare species he travels through the people's greed to earn quickly through MLM, and portraying the ignorance of villagers through Emu farms and the way people allured by business tactics such as Akshaya Tritiya and finally finishes with how even the business tycoons getting coned by these people.  The director almost has touched all the current affairs in real life.


In the first episode itself Vinoth makes us clear what is waiting in the bag...In every episode audience knew that Natraj is going to allure and dupe. But the way how he executes his plans has been narrated in a gripping manner with powerful punch dialogues... Every scene reminds us our own real life incidents  and then we come across those incidents that goes on in the  screen. Natraj has done his job with near perfection. In the opening scene in which a leopard hunts his pray, the focus and  determination of the leopard in getting his pray has been stunningly captured. Natraj's character has been portrayed as that of leopard's and the focus he shows in executing his plans without any hesitation is flawless. The body language and dialogue deliveries varies in each episode exhibiting a real con man. Never mind whether he is tortured by police or his own friend - foes, he shows the determination of the man who does anything to make money. He and the director had perfected the character. There is no much to say about the heroine Ishara. But in that friend-foe combo the director has given us some entertaining moments with  unique portrayals.


The strongest thing of the movie is its powerful dialogues. Like "Oruthana Yemaathanumnaa, avan aasaiya thoondi vidu ..podhum " There are lots of impressing oneliners goes all through the movie which receives applauses now and then. On the flip side,  the movie apart from portraying a con man diverts in second half and goes in to his love episodes which was dragging and the audience who are hooked by the tactics of a con man getting restless in these portions. The director mentions every place where each episode happens. That shows some flaws. Natraj indulges in MLM fraud in Tirupur and its suburbs and after that he indulges in EMU fraud in nearby Erode and its suburbs . How it is possible for a man even without changing his face identity can openly involve in a big business frauds subsequently in two early places ?


On the  technical side  Venkatesh's Cinematography stands out with top notch top angle shots. and Sean Rolden's BGM syncs along with it like railway tracks. Songs are not necessary for the script like this.


On the whole Vinoth has done an awesome job with unique script and succeeds in presenting a different genre complemented by flawless acting of Natraj ..


Rating : 3.5 / 5

Mano haran

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