Raanjhnaa - Rambles!!

Raanjhnaa - Rambles!!

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Ranjhanaa tries.. and that’s where it fails... As long as the movie stays cute and flossy it manages to hold on, but when it tries to mature and pretend intelligent is where it goes awry. The movie begins humbly in the back drop of Varnasi and the lead pair put no foot wrong. The romance in the movie though old school is charming as long as there is. The story takes a flight and travels to Punjab, Delhi and then back.. that’s when the story loses most of its plot. In attempting to take issues more than the story and the characters can grasp, the movie takes a beating and never recovers till the climax and even there it fails to redeem itself by clinging to the beaten path. The movie is seriously funny in its attempt to address the issues that has a bearing on the society. The effort in trying to tackle the conscience of the viewer through sarcasm and at times comedy falls flat..

The movie has got it right when it comes to casting. Nimble foot Dhanush springs around and brings life to the character of Kundan. Down south his acting might not be a surprise but to the many who might know him as the “Kolaveri” guy, his acting would be a whiff of fresh air. Sonam kapoor is commendable, though she gets a little uptight in the latter half of the movie. Others are there and do the job required of them. Cinematography is fine, but it’s Rahman who comes out a clear winner with not just the songs but in the BGM as well. It’s his efforts more than the writer’s that clearly make some ordinary scenes better.

Raanjhnaa as an adolescent is charming and as an adult is an idiot!!
Shreesha BU

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