Pandiaya Naadu - Review

Pandiaya Naadu - Review

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Another action flick from Vishal with Madurai backdrop!!! Hold on readers, we know what you are thinking but it's not what you are thinking!!!
The plot is about a normal innocent guy turns in to bloody revenge seeker when one of his beloved one is hunted down by a hooligan and his fellow people. The story is simple and we have seen these kind of revenge dramas but Suseendran extracts realistic performance from most of the vital characters and that makes the movie better than the other usual movies made so far. Initially it has some Aadukalam feel but later that got washed away as the movie progress towards the characters and their capabilities.
The first half of the movie started well with the introduction of the characters, followed by some comic scenes then ended up with a tragedy, the remaining half is all about the vengeance and the plans to achieve it. Vishal as a jittering anxious guy played his part cleverly, he controlled his emotions very well till the end. Vishal has improved himself in the comedy portions as well, Bharathiraja as his father, has brought out the real emotions of a father who loves his family more than anything. 
Lakshmi Menon did her part nicely and the love sequences between Vishal and her worked out very well. Vikrant has minimal amount of space but he impresses within that time with his perfect body language. Soori succeeds in some parts, does his role fairly. Both of the antagonists were apt and their performance was lively.
The director wants to convey the emotions of a father but he took more time on this and this is where the second half was dragging. Imman excels in songs as well as in BGM. "Othakda and "Revenge" songs are picturized according to the mood of the movie but "Fy Fy" song was good but falls in the most weird situation like weird costume for Lakshmi Menon in that song. Once the song gets over the movie races towards to the climax, you may never able to see the climax was coming but once it came it will shatter effectively. There are no major fight sequences except the final one which has all the rustic and raw power that requires. The bus stand chase near the end will increase your pulse rate but Suseendran makes it like Agni-Natchathiram climax where you can't see  what's happening but the tense will be there i.e in short way that was really irritating and not required when the movie is in right note. 
It's Suseendran's screenplay that demands the viewers to get hold of it even though the second half drags a little. The way hero executes the main villain could have been done better coz the viewers where expecting something fiery.
Verdict - The only movie that won't disappoint you for this Diwali.
Nivaz r

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