Nimirndhu Nil Movie Review by Common Man

Nimirndhu Nil Movie Review by Common Man

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Story:  It is yet another movie in which Common Man Fights against the corrupted Government officials. Samuthirakani has slapped the corrupted Government officials boldly in this movie. Screenplay of the movie reminds Shankar’s movies and Ramana.
Jayam Ravi –  This is one of the best movies in career. He has given his bet yet again. He has done dual roles in the movie. He has done both roles to perfection. But, characterization of his second role was bad and it plays the spoilsport for this movie.
Amala Paul –  She has to select some good village oriented movies like Mynaa yet again. She does the role of a modern girl with 3 – 4 scenes and 2 duet songs as usual.
Neeya Naana Gopi –  His voice plays the crucial role in the first half. He has been properly utilized in Tamil movie for the first time
Soori –  His characterization in the movie was too good and his dialogue receives huge applause from the audience.
Music by G.V. Prakash –  Almost all the songs was average. 3 Songs in the second half really hampers the movie to huge extent. His BGM was good in most of the scenes and too loud in few scenes.
Cinematography by M. Sukumar & M. Jeevan was quite good.
Editing by A.L. Ramesh was excellent in the first half. 3 Songs & 2 fights scenes in the second half completely destroy the pace of the movie and tests the patience of the audience.
Director Samuthirakani has to be hugely appreciated for taking a movie with wonderful social message and giving it with commercial ingredients in the first half. But, in the second half, he has given overdose of commercial ingredients, which we have been seeing for the last 10 years
Overall, Nimirndu Nil has excellent dialogues, engaging screenplay & wonderful plot in the first half. Second half – Audience may not even believe if it said to be directed by Samuthirakani’s last assistant director.
First half – 3.5 / 5 & Second Half – 1.5 / 5
Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2.5 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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