Kaththi-Trailer Review of a visitor

Kaththi-Trailer Review of a visitor

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Finally the long-awaited Kaththi trailer is out. Was the wait worth it?

Well, for Vijay fans definitely it is. The excitement of seeing their star in a new avatar, new clip is understandable. The eagerness to watch Kaththi on Deepavali is surely sky high for them after watching the trailer.
However, the same cant be said for the neutral fans. The trailer is definitely good but it does very little in increasing the expectations of the movie. Until seconds before the release of the trailer, the movie had generated tremendous amount of curiosity but the trailer symbolically says "Do not expect too much before stepping into the cinemas". The trailer suggests that the movie follows the traditional Hero VS Villain formula and story wise, it might be like "old wine in a new bottle". At times, the Vijay in Kaththi trailer reminds us of the Vijay in Thalaivaa, Thamizan, Sura and the Neil Nithin Mukesh reminds us of the villain in VIP, Amitash.
For all we know, the mastermind, Director AR Murugadoss had planned exactly that and surprise movie goers on the day of the movie release. Even Thuppakki trailer was of similar style as Kaththi and the movie went on to become a blockbuster.  Being an established and successful director, one can believe that director AR Murugadoss will not disappoint the audience with the same old storyline.


Kumar Subra

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