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Kabali- A Visitor Review

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Kabali has  breathed a fresh lease of life into the commoner who went to watch out for a typical "RAJINIESQUE" film. The film is beautifully woven and scripted according to the demands of the story, which is the major plus of the film.


Pa.Ranjith, certainly stands out in stressing the fact that, the story and scripting have to take centrestage than the characters themselves.


Rajini just carries the entire burden of the movie on his shoulders effortlessly without any fuss,and the "ACTOR" in him,who is just a class apart,comes to the fore on more than one occasion.It is just not easy to perform such high-octane stunts at the age of 66.


Radhika Apte emotes brilliantly and consistently; Dhanshika,who underwent a tomboyish makeover, has just exceeded expectations in the most pleasant manner possible. Best stunt woman == Dhanshika.


All other support cast be it Dinesh,Kalaiyarasan,John Vijay,Nasser,Kishore and Winston chan,all have performed admirably.Ranjith's confidence in his tried and tested support actors,is clearly visible,as he has extracted the best from every one of them,showing his comfort levels with them.
The technical detailing deserves a special mention as DoP Murali and Editor Praveen stand out in their departments.Anbariv's stunt sequences make the fans go delirious.


In my opinion, the biggest gainer from this movie would be‪ ‎Santosh Narayanan‬. His BGMs are thunderous and help the audiences bring down the roof.‪ ‎MayaNadhi‬ was the icing on the cake.


KABALI - One of the rare movies where one notices the Movie,where Rajini is a part,and not Rajini,on whom the movie is a part

Karthik Ramalingam
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