"I" - Intelligent, Imaginative, Impeccable !!

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In any Shankar's movie, you could hardly find any fault on the locations, costumes, art direction, special effects, lighting, stunts, comedy, makeups, music or Cinematography. "I" offers you just that ! The Humungous effort that each and every individual that has put in, makes the movie look rich and perfect in most parts. "I" is an yet another Illustration of the best of talents that we have in the Indian cinema industry. Each and every frame definetly accounts for every penny the producer has invested. 
With that said, one of the things that disappoints us a bit is the story. The first forty five minutes definetly sets up a great plaform for an interesting second half. But as the story moves into China, the story becomes easily predictable. Diya's love for Lee and John's downfall, Guardian's lusty feelings, we have seen similar story telling in the past. However, the special effects and locations are sure to mesmerize any real living soul. The Action sequences involving the chinese artists were brilliant along with an awesome background score by ARR will be great treat to watch. 
We all know the capablity of Suresh Gopi to perform any roles. But Ojas Rajani as Osma and Upen Patel as John were a great addition and they have done a candid job to fit in the baddie company of Ramkumar. Not to forget Santhanam, who has been having a quiet run in the past couple of months has once again showed us he can perform well both as a character artist and a comedian. In some scenes he really reminds me of goundamani in Gentleman. 
At the end of 3 hours and 5 minutes, all that stands out is a hunchbacked ugly but lovable Lingesan Aka Lee and a beautiful Diya. 
"I" looks rich inspite of a moderate storyline.
But you should Watch "I" for an,
(I)nnovative Shankar 
(I)ncredible Vikram
(I)mpressive Amy Jackson 
(I)nvaluable ARR
(I)nteresting locations

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