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As a follow-up to Aranmanai, Sundar.C has come up with Aranmanai 2. Aranmanai 2 is placed pretty much on the same plate on which Aranmanai was served. But in order to glam up the latest attempt and establish a successful movie brand, Sundar.C has dished it up with a lot of new reputed flavours.
Actually, the role which has been offered to Siddharth drives the script in the later stage of the movie. But the role has very less scope for acting. Despite, Sid has delivered all he could do to not make the role look odd in the screen. Gorgeous Trisha, exotic locales and light-hearted music have been complemented well by Sid’s vibrant steps in the ‘Poraada Poraada’ song.
‘Bold’ is the word that could well define Trisha’s outfits in the ‘Poraada Poraada’ song. In the second half of the movie, the aura which has been created by Trisha’s screen presence, by hosting the soul in her body, is laudable. Even Trisha’s minor reactions are bound to charm the audience.
Like Aranmanai’s previous instalment, Hansika has been offered with a role that gains sympathy from the audience. Whether it is a heartbreaking moment or a frightening moment, Hansika has done full justice to her role.
Soori, Kovai Sarala and Manobala have spearheaded the comic portions with excellent support from Poonam Bajwa, Dindigul Saravanan and Vinodhini Vaidyanathan. This jocular team has played to its full strength in the van and the restaurant parts which are placed just before the climax segment of the movie.
As per the story, the malicious nature of the roles been played by Radha Ravi, Subbu Panchu and Raj Kapoor are relatively very less when compared to the actual baddie.
A small cameo by Khushbu in the fast-paced ‘Amma (Amman Song)’ is quite interesting.
The toy sound that has been used in Aranmanai 2, along the lines of the one that is used in Conjuring, adds further thrill to the viewers. Foot-tapping number, ‘Party with Pei’ serves as a dessert to a full meal experience offered by the movie. In addition to the songs of Hiphop Tamizha, audience have started looking forward to their back ground scores too.
U.K.Senthil Kumar’s cinematography offers the much needed thrills and chills of a horror-thriller. At the same time, it doesn’t fail to shower a colourful celebration.
N.B.Srikanth’s top-notch editing is at its peak in the climax portion.
Sundar.C has unfolded the horror portions in a much earlier stage of the movie. In the second half of the movie, he has depicted shame killing in a cinematic fashion in the flashback sequence. As an actor, his performance is quite decent.
As far as the current scenario in Tamil Cinema is concerned, gravity defying stunts may be the essential criteria for commercial potboilers but not for a horror-thriller like Aranmanai 2. Inclusion of too many VFX shots tends to spoil the thrill in the horror clips. Even the people who believe in god tend to disagree when the devotion towards god is projected beyond a particular limit in the movie. Major intention of the makers of Aranmanai 2 is to entertain the audience. As far as this motive is concerned, Aranmanai 2 is in no way short of compromising on this front.

Dhileepan Kumaresan
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