Angry Indian Goddesses

Angry Indian Goddesses

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Directed by Pan Nilan, Angry Indian Goddesses is a blend of art and message oriented Entertainer with lots of things discussed in Television and Twitter.


A reunion of a girls group turns out to be a wedding invite and when things get settled down with the wedding chaos in a good note, it moves to something horrific happening in every 20 minutes in our country (as stated in the movie) and this is the travel map of Angry Indian Goddesses.


The performances of the fresh cast were implausibly real, all of them were comfortable in what they were doing. There is no acting, they just go with the flow and that make the movie more beautiful. The characterization of these lovely ladies was layered up with fun, confident passion towards career/life and of course anger. The initial parts were like set of pages with lots of fun, one of the characters is a wannabe actress who is  from London and the way she treats the happenings in her life in Bollywood style was hilarious. Instead of making it as a fun ingredient, Pan is valiant enough to showcase a gay couple in a most applicable and elegant manner no Indian cinema has done before.


Pan created a girl’s world with all the freedom and if you are a man you may need some time to settle in this world but once you are in, seriously you will love it. Screenplay reveals about each of them in a way that in regular intervals someone breaks down and there you can get a glimpse of their actual life and what choices they have to pick up. Emotional scenes were handled really well, the scene where Jane convinces her servant in a temple without saying a word and the last 20 minutes needs special mention.


The technical team was brilliant and there is no rush in the editing or the music played along with it. Cinematography believed to be done with natural lighting and the frames complimenting  it along with the lovely angles.


On the slip side the movie follows the same pattern of most of the feel good movies, the only difference is you will be witnessing girls instead of boys. Every character in this movie has a problem, does it look odd??  Not sure why these many  things have been discussed and as template again, they bring in a controversial scenario just to kill a most loved character, yeah just like GOT. These are all minor complaints, but if you have seen lots of movies in this pattern you will find yourself comfortable in the cinema hall and feel it’s a bit predictable.


The truth is Pan delivered an honest and lovable movie on the cusp of 2015. Dilwale is released, Bajirao is released but still if you want to visit these goddesses remember, you won’t  regret it.


Verdict – You don’t need to be a Girl to understand these but you need this to understand a Girl (At least A Little)
Nivaz R

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