AMBIKAPATHY (Raanjhanaa)- A cute celluloid transition of a simple love tale

AMBIKAPATHY (Raanjhanaa)- A cute celluloid transition of a simple love tale

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RAANJHNAA-a simple story but very refreshing screenplay, music, best performances from all the actors.
ANAND RAI's script aptly suited Dhanush, this is Dhanush's one of the best movies of his career. Dhanush potential as a versatile actor comes to the core when he combines with Vetrimaran, Selvaraghavan. all his movies with these two directors showed he is one of best find of Tamil cinema.
How can you make a simple story appeal to the audiences,its only when the director chooses the suitable persons (not the best actors) for his script. there lies 75% of a movie's success. rest of all is mere a screen conversion formality.
Only a few directors in INDIA realizes this simple logic of a converting any script to a beautiful celluloid.
Even the photography of nattu@natarajan is very cute and that is also another major reason which makes this movie a cute one.
Though some may argue that second half was slow paced but yet I feel the slow narration is needed to justify the emotions of KUNDHAN to all his buddies.
Even the characterisation of all the characters in the second half switch to a different emotion level that's why some feel its slower in the second half.
The political scenes in the second half exactly portray what is happening in our REAL INDIA. the director told this with all his guts 
Even I do not feel that it is a dubbed version of a HINDI movie. I strongly feel a good cinema has no language barriers.
This movie is a must watch for DHANUSH's acting, pebbling photography, cute romantic scenes that the audiences attach themselves too much with those scenes.
What else you want from a movie. still KUNDHAN character is lingering in my mind
i was very happy to watch a movie after long time in this 2013 which exactly fits my bills. Good luck Dhanush you have made a dream debut in HINDI
Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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