Ambikapathy - Movie Review

Ambikapathy - Movie Review

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Who is Dhanush in Tamil Cine Industry? If this question was asked 5years ago , the answer would be he is a budding artist. If the same question is thrown to the public now , the chorus reply would be "he is one among of the few power-packed artists who constantly proves his caliber is more than what he did in his last venture. Ambikapathy is the latest one on his list

Ambikapathy the dubbed Tamil version of Raanjhanaa where Dhanush makes his Bollywood debut, is a triangular love story. The director portrays the childhood and teenage love between the lead pairs in the first 30 mins with an engaging screenplay. The movie may seems to be a familiar story thats Bollywood and Kodambakkam have witnessed but the story unfolds periodically keeping the audience engaged. The leads - Dhanush and Sonam have done well on their parts that keeps them as Kundan and Zoya in your mind throughout the movie .

As usual and as always A.R.Rahman scores in his music but this album has more of Hindi nativity in the instruments used, so may not be liked by Tamil audience of all centers. John Manhendran shines on few places with powerful dialogues.

The first half of the movie is engaging and ends up with a twist, what lets the movie down is the second half. Being a triangular love plot, the story travels too wide testing your patience and there are few scenes which is  too cinematic -  intends only to move the story .The director scores on the characterisation , the lead pairs and Abhay Deol are well described .The other artists-  Kundan's friend and his one sided lover have done a neat job.

As a movie, this may not satisfy you having too many tales and slow pace in the second half .But Tamil audience would book their seats only to watch what their star has performed in Bollywood and definitely Dhanush will deliver more than what you expect from him in Ambikapathy ..What an acting !!! The twist that the policeman reveals to Sonam towards the climax makes the Kundan character complete and remains in your heart even after you walk out of the movie hall.
Go for it -only for Dhanush and keep in mind it is a dubbed version - you will not be disappointed.
Lakshmi Kanthan

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