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Accham Yenbathu Madamayada is an upcoming film directed by Gautam Menon.It has AR Rahman as its composer.Gautham has worked with different composers from Harris to Ilayaraja to Rahman.But his albums has his own style and has never failed to impress its listners.Lets see how far AYM has fared.

This song is a party number mixed with techno raps and local kuthu beats.This song constantly engages you with its consistent pacy track.Adithya Rao's vocal has shades of 'Aila Aila' song and it is followed by Rahman's favourite Aryan Kanagaratnam's rap.Overall 'Showkali' is a classy dance beat number fused in a funky style.

Idhu Naal :
Modern Rahman's style and stamp is much visible in this light beat romantic song.Adhithya Rao and Jonita Gandhi gave their best to compliment Rahman's tune.This song is so short which is just above 3 Minutes.This song can do better with good visuals.

Sathya Prakash and Shasha Tripathi have once again given their magical voice for Rahman. Rasaali starts as a feel good folk number. But Rahman is a composer who can give a saranam which is completely different from Pallavi. In that way, Rasali turns more classical in saranam. Rahman has used a popular Thirupugazh song 'Muthaitharu bhakthi thirunagai's raga and mixed it with modern instrumentations. The violin portion before the first Saranam was a pure bliss for carnatic music lovers. Violins along with the wonderful miruthangam take its listeners to a magical world. Saranam portion had lyrics written in same santham of a Thirupugazh which stresses the sound 'O' at its end. Thamarai's excellence in Tamil's ancient poetry was well visible in 'Rasaali' and her usage of pure Tamil words adds more classical touch to this well composed song.
SONG RATING : 3.75/5

Avalum Nanum
A breezy romantic song which starts with wonderful instrumentals of violin and flute.It is followed by evergreen Vijay Yesudas' sweet vocals.This song is composed in a Malayalam song's style,but the violin portion which come for 1 minute is a special classy touch by Rahman.Saranam will remind you 'Naan Un Azhaginile' of 24.But Vijay's voice gives a separate identity and shape to this song.A song to be heard closing your eyes,it gives a fantastic experience indeed.

Thalli Pogaathey
This song is already a sensation.Being released months before,this song still hasn't lost its fizz in radiostations.Sid Sriram's peculiar voice and Rahman's trademark musical style turn this song into the biggest addiction of the season.This song gives some pain to you like the 'Mannipaaya' song.Its sure that its visuals can make your eyes wet. Aryan Dinesh's Tamil raps were  mixed well with the 'Thalli Pogaathey' portion.Undoubtedly,this is the best song of the album.
SONG RATING : 3.75/5

AYM is another succesful Gautham Menon album.This might not create a magic which VTV created.But can create a great impact after its theaterical release.Rahman's background scores can add more impact to this romantic thriller.Wait for its Release !!!


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