A humble request to A R Rahman!

A humble request to A R Rahman!

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I recently watched the Kaaviya Thalaivan audio launch telecast in Sun music. Words like "Ada paavigala", "apdilam maati vidatheenga", "romba buildup venam" and many more coming from his mouth could surprise some of us. Also, many times he gave nice 'counters' to the host 'Blade' Shankar. Probably I have never seen a more candid and relaxed AR Rahman.


May be he was fed up with all his peers and his fans seeing him as a 'saintly' figure that he badly wanted open up! Amidst him describing the kind of effort that has gone into this album, he also informed why he isn't teaming up with small-scale film makers and is unlikely to do it in the near future. His reason was that the moment he associates with such movies, the movie would no longer remain 'small' and might lose it simplicity because of the expectations it’s going to generate. In the worst case it could very well backfire because of exceeding expectations. Well, there is some sense in hindsight but if we take a deeper look, in my opinion I feel there is every reason why Rahman should do a 'small' film  once in a while if not a lot. With almost every album of Rahman getting national or even perhaps even international exposure, small movies will have a massive face-lift !


Today's film business is heavily dominated by 'Big' films that small films are finding it extremely difficult to get released and even if they do they only get released in miniscule number of theatres. Even though 'Thanga meengal' was directed by Katradhu Thamizh fame Ram and produced by Gautham Menon it struggled to make it to theatres. 'Big' films swallow almost all of the screens that there is no way for 'small' films to get it released alongside. Once this is done, next comes the medium tier movies involving upcoming stars which get released next leaving a very small breathing space for small movies.


Its people like AR Rahman who can give a big push to these movies. "Kaaviya Thalaivan' itself is now gearing up for a decent release thanks to music by A R Rahman! This is where I would like to bring Maestro Ilayaraaja.


During his peak in 1980's , he composed for at least 10 films a year and it was not just for Rajni, Kamal, Mohan, Mani Ratnam, Bharathiraja etc. He would have worked for a whole lot of new film makers!  People used to come to theatres just for that one NAME. Likewise Rahman committing to a small movie obviously is going to create an interest to the audience. I hope Rahman understands this especially in an era where small movies are limping.


He need not say 'Yes' to all but he can do at least one such film in a year or two. All the big films automatically generate hype and going to earn back the investment because of its heavyweight star cast even if the movie is going to be bad. But as we all know most of the small movies hardly breakeven despite being too good. An 'A.R Rahman' factor could pave a huge way in bringing a lease of life for these movies.  I hope Rahman realizes it and does not see as a ‘gamble’ for supporting small movies.  Many of the big films for which he has tuned have gone out a whimper like Azhagiya Tamizh Magan, Kadal. Movies like Mariyaan and Raavanan too did not fare well at the box office. So, I don’t see any harm that Rahman is going to do (as he thinks) in accepting small movies. 






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