6 Candles Movie Review by Common Man

6 Candles Movie Review by Common Man

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6 Candles- It is Shaam & Durai’s come back movie. His hardwork & dedication were clearly revealed through the posters. 
Durai, who made a dream debut with Ajith in Mugavari has directed this movie. There were many experimental movies releasing every week in 2013. But, he gave “Nepali” in 2008 itself which had experimental screenplay. He is also making a comeback to Tamil Cinema after 5 years. Let us see whether it satisfies the audience in this review.
Story:  We are in Dark Period of Tamil Cinema, in which movies comes with just 10 Minutes Story at the climax. While, 6 Candles starts with an Intro Song, which conveys much more story than the recently released comedy movies.
Movie had been titled “6 Candles” as Shaam loses his son during his 6th Birthday. He travels throughout India to search for his son in the movie and comes to know about various kids kidnapping gangsters, who make money through these kids.
Shaam – Shaam had to be really appreciated for choosing this kind of script for acting and producing it. He had lots of opportunities to perform in this movie as the whole movie talks about his sufferings after losing the kid. In the first half and in the scene, in which he loses the kid, his acting looks little artificial. But, his performance, hardwork & dedication in the second half will make us forget it. He has almost lived the role in the second half. He has made a strong come back to Tamil Cinema with Performance Oriented role.
Poonam Kaur – She looks beautiful in the first 10 minutes and gets screen presence of 15 more minutes to prove her acting skills. She has really done a good job
There are lots of Villains in the movie as the story travels in Andhra, Kolkata, Delhi, Bhopal, etc. Almost all the supporting actors have done a wonderful job.
Music by Srikanth Deva was absolutely brilliant. Few people may not even believe if they come know that BGM was done by Srikanth Deva. There are only 2 songs in the movie, which goes along with the screenplay. Both the songs were too good
Cinematographer Krishnaswamy had tried various experimental shots in the movie which works in most of the places.
Editing by Arun Kumar was too good. Movie runs for only 140 Minutes with just 2 songs.
Director Durai is one of the under-rated directors in Tamil Cinema. His first movie “Mugavari” was a SELF MOTIVATING movie, which is rare in our Tamil Cinema. His third movie “Thotti Jaya” too was a good one, showing Simbu with lots of maturity. His last movie “Nepali” should have been a commercial hit, if he has released it in 2013 with Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role. I wanted to skip his second movie “Kadhal Sadugudu”, as even he may not like it now. He is one of the few directors who had shown extreme variation in their movies. 6 Candles shows the emotional bonding between a dad & his son without any commercial compromises. 
He has given a raw movie, explaining the fate of kidnapped children. But, at the same time, he too had made sure that it doesn’t look like a documentary with an engaging screenplay. Climax of the movie will impact as much as Kadhal, Mynaa, Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer, etc
People who liked Mahanadhi will love this movie. People who liked Thangameengal will like it much more than that.
People who praise Iranian Movies should definitely watch this one.
It is a Must Watch for all Parents who live their life for their Kids.  It is a Social Message Oriented Movie and Parents who ever watches the movie will take much more care of their kids.
Rating of this movie for Parents, Social Message Oriented Movie Lovers, Unique Movie Lovers, People who hate Commercial Movies & Iranian Movie Lovers - 3.75 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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