5 Tamil movies that Bollywood could think of remaking

5 Tamil movies that Bollywood could think of remaking

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1.      Kaththi- Aamir Khan

With scarcity of water being a truly global issue, who better than Aamir Khan to portray this legendary role. Not only would Aamir Khan bring his own skills to the fore, but would also raise awareness about the farmers suicide. Also Aamir Khan knows a thing about this having been involved in the Narmada Bachao program and other social programs such as Satyameva Jayate. Another enticing factor is to see the ARM-Aaamir Khan combo back on silver screen


2.      Mankathaa- Shah Rukh Khan

In the early stages of his career, SRK carved out a name for himself by doing negative role such as Bazigaar or Daar . However his portrayal of negative roles stopped once he tasted success as a romantic hero. And what better film than Mankatha to once again showcase his talent in a negative role. With IPL betting always a hot issue, SRK would not only be able to bring his acting prowess to the screen but can also start a trend where scripts drive the film.


3.      Dhool –Salman Khan

Another movie about water issue but a light hearted and a fully commercial one. Salman Khan could not only rock in this role but also show his brawn and brain power in this movie thereby extending his successful run in remaking movies.

PS: This movie has many scenes in which Sallu Bhai can remove his shirt


4.      Ko-Ranbir Kapoor

With the plot having a suave dashing young man at its center and lot of twists and turns, this is a tailor made role for Ranbir Kapoor. Ranbir Kapoor could well portray the role of young suave journalist and could also show a little of his action avatar in the climax scenes. Also this movie has a strong scope for the villain. For this, they could bring someone like Shahid Kapoor who is smart and could do real justice to this role just as he has shown in the recent Haider movie. If it is remade, it could also mean Ranbir Kapoor’s first official remake. 


5.      Ayan- Akshay Kumar

Another commercial pot boiler having lot of stunts and twists in the plot, this is a movie which should have Akshay Kumar playing the lead role. With smuggling still being a big issue in India, the makers could really show the nitty gritties of how it is done.


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