250 days of love, I mean, Premam

250 days of love, I mean, Premam

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In the era where 10 days and 15 days success meets have become a fashion, Premam has completed 250 days. As Premam completes 250 days in Chennai, some people are really curious whether it’s worth the hype


Well to them my answer is ohh hell yeah. Absolutely it’s worth the hype and it deserves the cult status. 

The greatest USP of Premam is the connect it establishes with the audience. I am pretty much sure we all have encountered our own Mary, Malar and Celine in our lives. Of course the Shambu's and Koya's are our close friends till date. Obviously not to forget our Vimal Sir.


Premam never seems to be pretentious even for a single minute and every scene in Premam is so real to life. I need to specially mention about Premam's comedy. While double entendre jokes seem to be the order of the day, Premam relies on clean wits which are so commendable. Be it the discussion between Vimal sir and college coach on how to impress Malar teacher or Nivin and his friends beating up Alphonse Puthiren with lame reasons or Ranji Panicker blasting Nivin's college principal (My personal favorite), I could go on and on.


Premam’s influence has become infectious with the youth. Black shirt and veshti had become the dress code, beard is the coolest thing, and Malare song has become the love anthem. Premam successfully captures the emotion called nostalgia in every one of us and well that’s where it strikes the right chords with the audience.


If Sathyam cinemas could do the same thing for Premam that Maratha Mandir did for DDLJ, I am ready to go and watch Premam at least once a week in theatre.


There is a granny's voice over at the end of the movie which says, "The butterfly is mentally mental, so is Love". I feel you Granny/Alphose Puthiren.


Premam- Come fall in love. Well wait, is it that the tag line of DDLJ?

vijayanand santhanam

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