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Why so much hatred for Divya’s appreciation to Dhanush for rowdy baby song video hit?

Art is boundless. Cinema, or any art form, for that matter shouldn’t be restricted to religion, language or any particular group of people. Such is the not the situation that is prevalent in today’s world. Everything is fought upon based on its origin or the subject it deals with. I am not even going to talk about the reasons we brought partitions among us.

We have developed so much hate among us that we have started restricting people from enjoying art. We feel it is offensive to appreciate someone’s work of art just because they are from a different region. I have many examples to cite but why don’t I go with the most recent shaming that happened in Twitter because an actress congratulated another actor on a particular achievement and oh, how could she!

Rowdy Baby song from Maari 2 was released in Youtube and in just 2 weeks, it reached 100 million views. Dhanush, who was the lead star in the movie, took to twitter to share this joyous news and thanked everyone who worked for it. Divya Spandana aka Ramya, an actress from Karnataka, who has acted in multiple tamil films and Dhanush’s co star in Polladhavan, retweeted and appreciated the song.

This doesn’t seem like anything that is abnormal or controversial. But like anywhere, social media is filled with people who make it a horrible place to be in. Some of the people from Karnataka felt that it was inappropriate for the actress to have retweeted about a tamil song since she hasn’t posted anything with respect to the recent hits of Kannada films.

They were so aggravated that they started telling her that people who have supported her all these years and who made her popular in Karnataka might feel sad and guilty. One person even concluded she was out of the Kannada film industry because of what she has done!.

There have been too many instances in the past where we have had Tamil films run well in Karnataka and their films have fared well here. The film industries in India have always worked together, sharing artists, stories, technicians and more. But only in recent times, we have started to show our rage over the language or region.

We boast about being secular but are we really one? We have walked a long way past that pole. It is rather a disgusting trend to shame someone just because they don’t belong to the same region or speak the same language. When did we become so deprived of compassion for each other’s work of passion? We have already lost many things that defined us the best, let’s not lose compassion too.

Let us try and remember, everytime we are partitioned, we don’t win or gain anything, we just lose unity. Air, love and art have no restriction and shouldn’t have one. Let us not make these things prey to our petty fights. Cinema is for everyone who loves entertainment.

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