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Nivin Pauly, Sai Pallavi and Alphonse Putharen's magic - Premam

It's been four years since the love breeze from Kerala took over all our hearts. Four years since students started longing to get Malar teacher in their college too. Four years has passed  since Alphonse Putharan's Premam came to be.

Love stories are common in cinema but to make a film which is adored by most and is still being talked about is talent. Premam is a film which reassures the little film maker in everyone that an out-of-the box script or an extra-ordinary cast and crew is not required to make a film which stands out. Like any art, cinema is a form of a expression. Alphonse Putharan's expression of life, love and friendship in a very soothing and subtle manner through this film is appreciated by all because at the bottom level, it is relatable to the viewer. All of us would have went through what we have seen and loved in that film.

*A puppy love in our school which we just cannot forget.
*That serious love in which you are trusting and vulnerable to that special person in your age of maturity. A mark in our heart which never fades.
*And many have the partner with whom they kind of settled with but started loving wholeheartedly after that.

Apart from the soundness of the technical side of the film, simple and amazing music which amplifies a scene just as much as it should, cast of strong and natural actors, it's the small details of the film which convinces the viewer and makes them really involved with the character and the story.
1) The funny teacher who is somehow just available in every school and college
2) A pretty teacher who is adored by all
3) Our gang of friends and rivalry
4) Our school crush and her frightful father
5) Break-ups due to some unavoidable situations.
6) Friends who are with us through our thick and thin.
And more.

All these little experiences which almost all of us have, when gets processed through a tasteful direction, right acting and subtle drama, you get a film like Premam which is celebrated for years.

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