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Starring: Vikram, Shriya, Prabhu, Vadivelu.
Direction: Susi Ganesan
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Production: Kalaipuli S. Thanu
Susi Ganesan’s Kanthaswamy is an extravagant experiment at age-old formula stories of good Samaritans robbing from rich to feed the poor. Although the subject provides a treasure trove of stories, Kanthaswamy is largely overindulgent. After taking up a superhero subject, Susi’s uncertainty in keeping that one on track makes the movie stoop to lower levels.

The superhero, with a rooster’s outfit and a slightly odd demeanor, is exposed in all his vulnerability as the movie progresses. And that’s not the only issue with Kanthaswamy. The movie is unreasonably stretched, for no rhyme or reason. The choppy editing also makes one feel that any scene could be placed anywhere inside the movie. Picture this: after what one thinks to be the climax, the movie heaves for another half-hour with a comedy scene, an item number and then culminates into conclusion.

Kanthaswamy is about a group of friends, who came to Chennai with nothing in hand, but dreams and an examination hall ticket. Astonishingly for us, each one of them lands a job in CBI and uses the money obtained from
raids to serve the poor and needy. Kanthaswamy, who secretly doles out money for surgeries, education and weddings in poor families, becomes a phenomenon that is difficult to demystify.

Prabhu, the Intelligence Officer, takes up the case and arrests people like Vadivelu who try to imitate the real Kanthaswamy. But in the end, he does nail the superhero after 3 long hours.

Vikram has sincerity written all over him; he breaks into a secret smile while nailing the corrupt politicians, raises his eyebrows in a charming manner while countering Shriya’s jaunts and fixes the movie’s faults with his persona alone. Besides, he saves the movie to a larger extent than could actually be not in his scope. On the other hand, the horrendously clichéd dialogues also earn him a few catcalls.

Shriya’s designer outfits expose more of her chiseled body than they hide. Her role, albeit smoking hot, rather comes across as a dumb girl who strips down to threaten Vikram in his fully CCTV monitored office room. Now that’s only a sample of inferior writing.

Prabhu, Vadivelu, Ashish Vidhyarthi and Y G Mahendra also have roles that are fleshed out in a disorganized manner. Vadivelu’s comedy track pops in at odd times when the movie gets serious as if it’s just so inevitable.

Devi Sri Prasad’s songs are bang on, complemented with the neat picturization on screen. But the background score is just a cacophony of drums and an aural ordeal.

Towards the end of the movie, you begin to see visions of the likeable Vikram in movies that are more than a rehash of formula movies - time tried, tested and past its sell-by date.

Verdict: A hollow hype!

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