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Starring: Taman Kumar, Narayanan
Direction: Harshavardhan
Music: Ganesh Raghavendra
Production: Purple Patch Entertainment

So what happens when you accidentally wish for something to happen and, you know, God appears and grants your wish? You start believing in God? That shred of imagination seems to have caught the fancy of debut director Harshavardhan. In Aachariyangal, he weaves a very simplistic tale of families and relationships starting from the kernel as mentioned earlier. The idea might look novel on paper but translating it into a full length feature film requires a lot of seasoning-up of the script and Harsha has more or less succeeded in doing that.

Harsha is one of the few film enthusiasts (around 250 to be precise) to undergo a screen writing workshop held by Kamal’s Raaj Kamal Films with IIT Madras a few years ago. It’s unquestionable that he earned some of his writing skills at the workshop since the writing is fresh although the recurring themes of the movie are nothing new-fangled for the audience.

In a movie that has the potential to turn out to be insipid, Harsha peppers it up with incidents, albeit dramatic and tries to up its pace. It works, most of the time. And it’s commendable that he has not bowed to the pressures of adding the almost mandatory songs.

As for the story, if it isn’t evident by now; Taman and his friends, fresh pass-outs from college, celebrate their graduation and when he is drunk, Taman calls out to God beseeching him to make his life more interesting. And things happen from then on. Aachariyangal has every reason to make the transition into a thriller / horror movie but Harsha keeps it within the bounds of a lighthearted entertainer. 

Taman Kumar plays the film’s lead and unlike other debut actors, he has a little more scope than just play the charming male lead of the film. Though not with flying colors, he passes with fairly above average marks when it comes to his acting skills. His bewilderment at the consequent events is captured subtly, thanks to the well written script.

Other actors, female leads Ritu Manga and Aishwarya have done their jobs neatly. So have stage actors like Shanty Williams and Amarasigamani. One gripe about the movie is that the drama gets quite overboard sometimes. Also, there is a very evident starting trouble with the movie as the first half just meanders along before the movie lands in its position with a thud.

Ganesh Ragavendra, whose earlier credits include the successful Renigunta, has rendered background score for the movie. Director Harshavardhan also handles the story, screenplay, dialogue and direction and hasn’t faltered much in any of the aspects.

But the biggest drawback with the movie is the feeling of seeing a television serial. The pace of the movie is also snail-like until it picks up towards the end. In fact the movie lives up to its title thanks to its final moments. The ending touch is also apt. 

To conclude, Aachariyangal might not make your day but it has its trump cards lined-up just when you feel like brushing it away.

Verdict: Inspite of its meager production values, this one picks up steam towards the end and lives up to its title

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