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phhir-review PHIR MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Harish V

Starring: Rajneesh Duggal, Adah Sharma, Roshni Chopra
Direction: Girish Dhamija
Music: Raghav Sachar, Toshi – Sharib
Production: Surendra Sharma, Amita Bishnoi, Bhagwanti Gabrani


Phhir is a badly shot movie, about karma, kidnap and confusion. It has bad acting, bad direction, a rip off editing experiment from the English serial – '24' which was irritating, a predictable story with a predictable done-to-death twist. Well is there any good reason to watch it? There is one, but for that we have to first analyse the movie.

Kabir [Rajneesh Duggal], a doctor, leads a happy life with his wife Sia [Roshni Chopra]. One day, Sia goes missing and Kabir is unable to find her. Enter Disha [Adah Sharma], a gifted musician who can touch any object and she can see the past or future or something of the person who has last touched that particular object (or wait a minute I got confused but the makers did have a confusing dialogue which clearly states that even she is confused and does not know how her power works, so lets get on with it). Disha lends her helping hand to Kabir for finding Sia.

The story by Vikram Bhatt, does provide some interesting moments in the first half especially the scene where the protagonist brings the ransom amount, it was well thought off, but that’s all. The second half is just too bland for anyone's liking. Screenplay was amateurish, so was the direction by Girish Dhamija. Movies like 'Spoorloos' or 'Roja' are termed classics because we felt the protagonists pain and anguish due to the scintillating chemistry that the lead pair showcased, which is completely lacking in this movie.  For any thriller the climax should be extremely powerful but again the screenplay writer disappoints. There always should be a reason if you are placing a movie abroad; here the movie would have appealed a bit more if it was in India as everywhere the hero goes there seems to be only Indians. They did have a helping Pakistani cop but I still don't understand the need.

Let’s make it quick, Rajneesh Duggal needs an acting tutor, he needs to know how to differentiate his sad face and happy face. Roshni Chopra falls prey to bad characterization and bad direction. Adah Sharma looks dazed and confused and in the very few scenes where she could have done well, she falters. The co-actors who acted as cops overdo even a regular search routine with their guns out.

Technically the movie looks under-worked. Camerawork by Praveen Bhatt had lot of jarring shots, several out-of-focus shots and a needless round trolley at the end to make our head spin. The movie is not a linear narrated story and so the editors work need to be good but the editing was irritating with too many forward and backward zip shots which will put you off surely. Music, composed by Toshi Sabri, Sharib Sabri and Raghav Sachar, is the only bearable component in the entire movie. The songs are not as good as Vikram Bhatt's earlier movies but definitely worth a listen. Art work was below par too, from the mildly decorated palace to the ultra strong cob web - it just didn’t click. Dialogues were long and prove to be drag and the action sequence at the end was over filmy.

Overall, you need to be really brave to venture into the theatre to see this movie and I am not talking about the thrill quotient. Rebirth, Karma and Disaster!


Verdict: Phhir.... kya? It’s a no show.

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