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vicky-donor-review VICKY DONOR MOVIE REVIEW
Review by : Kaushik L.M

Starring: Ayushmann Khurrana, Yami Gautam, Annu Kapoor
Direction: Shoojit Sircar
Music: Abhishek - Akshay
Production: John Abraham

Vicky Donor is another movie with a heavy Punjabi flavour following last week’s Bittoo Boss. It stars relatively unknown stars and has been helmed by Shoojit Sircar and Juhi Chaturvedi. John Abraham turns producer with this offbeat entertainer and Eros have made sure it has got adequate number of screens to make an impact, 750 to be precise. The subject of infertility and sperm donors has been touched upon in a very entertaining manner that makes you laugh and also appeals to you at an emotional level.

‘Vicky Donor’ is set in Delhi where Dr.Chaddha runs an infertility clinic. He caters to a lot of infertile couples and his dream is to set up a sperm bank from where he can service all his clients. So, he is on the lookout for a suitable donor who is flamboyant, dashing and attractive. Vicky Arora, a 25-year-old Punjabi youngster is the chosen one and after much coaxing and convincing, Vicky agrees, predominantly for the pocket money. He is supported by his mom and grand-mom, who are amongst the coolest women around. As expected cupid also strikes and Vicky decides to settle down with Ashima, a Bengali banker. How his body of work as a sperm donor plays with his marriage life is the remaining part of the movie.

Annu Kapoor is a riot as the doctor who is always thinking about sperms. His mannerisms while he describes sperms in various adjectives like greedy, complicated etc. are to be seen to be enjoyed. Ayushmann Khurana is earnest and more than adequate. His smart, boy next door looks and his street smart ways make him a perfect fit for this role. Yami Gautam is angelic in her looks and is pretty decent in emoting as well, save the scene when she becomes serious and starts yelling. The mom and the grandmom light up the screen whenever they are around. The way they enjoy a drink will put even hardcore male drinkers to shame. The Bengali family of Ashima also provides some very enjoyable moments when they deliberate about the merits of Bengalis and the demerits of Punjabis prior to the marriage between Vicky and Ashima. The marriage scene is a real festival that is played out on screen.

The songs take the movie along and are all montages save the end credits song where John Abraham, the proud producer, flaunts his insane physique to the happy audience. The production values are all in line with the movie. It’s a smart production and there is no flamboyance.

The humor quotient of the movie is its biggest USP. It might not appeal to people who are a bit sensitive about topics like sex and fertility. There is more than a fair share of sperm mentions in the movie. But, for the young minded, it’s a ‘laughathon’ all the way. The romance angle has also been treated very tastefully and realistically. The movie does lose its pace and energy when it becomes serious in the second half for a while, but it recovers pretty well for a nice emotional climax that isn’t too cheesy or teary.

On the whole, it’s kudos to the team for treating a subject that has been considered taboo in Indian cinema till now. They have made sure that the audience will leave the theatre smiling and not regretting the time and money spent. The film is a different attempt that has struck the bulls-eye. John Abraham must be a proud man for sure for this decision. A handsome run at the box-office can be expected safely. This sperm will definitely make the producers fertile.

Verdict: Enjoy a whole new experience which is super fun and has a heart as well

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