Sarvam Movie Preview
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Starring: Arya, Trisha, J. D. Chakravarthy, Indrajith
Direction: Vishnuvardhan
Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja
Production: Ayngaran International
Here comes Vishnuvardhan. One must say it has been a long while since Billa. But good things take time in the making and one hopes that Sarvam is worth the wait. And, the director is with reliable companion Arya; for the third time. The first two instances, Arindhum Ariyaamalum and Pattiyal were runaway hits and this one is expected to be a continuation of the trend.

Well, what is Sarvam all about? The director has said that the title means that everything signifies one incident that
affects all aspects of a person’s life. Tough to understand, one guesses that we will have to watch the movie to grasp the exact meaning of what Vishnuvardhan wants to convey. He is known for fast paced action type flicks and he also showed us that he has got the eye for stylish film making with Billa. So, what is the new element that Sarvam will have to offer? If we are to believe Vishnuvardhan, the movie will be equivalent to two genres rolled in one. That’s what the trailers have suggested too thus far. There is the bright side of life; the romance, the love, the fun and everything that is good. There also seems to be the dark side of life: desperation, distress and even death.

Those will make up the two halves of the movie respectively. And how exactly those two halves are connected will be answered only in theaters. The trailer has made the movie look very well shot, especially scenes in the dark with a big house in the background. It has also given us a teaser look at the Arya -Trisha chemistry. It undeniably does look good, let’s wait to see whether it can set the screens alight. Adding zing to the proceedings will be Vishnuvardhan regular Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music that has already gained its place on the charts. Another special element in Sarvam will be the presence of the Rottweiler. In case you are wondering what it is, it is a breed of dog known in particular for its aggression (some might dispute it). It is seen in the trailer giving a very tough time to Arya. In the USA, one hears that a person needs to own a licensed gun to keep a Rottweiler as a pet because, as legend goes, once it closes it jaws around a person which it perceives as an enemy, only death can take those jaws apart. Interesting, definitely, we’ll find out this Friday.
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